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Here at Porterswood Farm  we have a small flock of Bronze Feathered

Free Range Turkeys for Christmas

What is better than a Traditional Farm Fresh Free Range Turkey

 for the Christmas table

All the birds have access to an outdoor range and have the best possible living conditions.  This ensures that the birds are happy, which we believe produces tastier meat

All the birds are reared and processed on farm which minimises the stress caused by transport.  We start processing the birds in early December and are allowed to hang for a minimum of 7 days, which tenderises the meat.

Birds can be ordered oven ready or just plucked if you prefer.  

You can preorder your  Christmas turkey using the order form.  Prices are around £8 per kilo, Please see the price list for more information. Plucked turkeys will be available from mid December,  oven ready birds will be available in the week before Christmas

Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey

2016 Turkey Prices

Turkey Prices

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