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Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs

Eggs are available from our farm shop.  All eggs are laid by our flock of 12000 Lohmann Brown hens.  Current egg prices are:

                        Class A Fresh Free Range - £2.20 per Dozen

                        Class B (Seconds) Fresh    - £1 per Dozen

                        Free Range

We also have a small flock of Ducks, Geese, Turkeys and Quail.  These specialist eggs are also for sale in the Farm Shop. The current price of these eggs are:

                        Duck Eggs     -    £1.60 per ½ Dozen

                        Quail Eggs     -   £2 per Dozen

                        Goose Eggs   -   £0.80 each

                        Turkey Eggs   -    £2.50 per Dozen


The eggs we produce are all accredited by the Lion Code scheme.  This means that the eggs have been produced to the highest standards of food safety.

The hens welfare is monitored by the RSPCA under the ‘Freedom Foods’ scheme.  This ensures that the hens are kept to strict welfare standards that helps to maintain natural behaviour and happiness of the hens